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Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving recipes may be used to spice up any Turkey Day meal. And, by Turkey, I mean the country, not the holiday. My motto is in fact, "When in Turkey do as the Turkeys do" or "Do onto turkeys before they do onto you." Take your pick. Now, back to the matter at hand.


Thanksgiving recipes are steeped in tradition and many stand the test of time. In fact, who wouldn't want the original Pocahontas pumpkin pie Thanksgiving recipe? She never served it at Thanksgiving since she died a few years beforehand, but her recipe has lived on and gagged the likes of millions ever since.

Thanksgiving recipes generally include such delicacies as turkey, dressing, cranberry dishes, apple pie and green bean casserole. This inedible swill has got to go. For instance, why do a boring, traditional Thanksgiving dinner, when you can come up with something totally original? Turkey Day can be a time for new, creative dining experimentation as well.

Throw the tradition out and let's get cooking with some new, outside-the-mash-potato-box thinking. Why go traditional, when you can go experimental with cutting edge cutlery and leading edge Thanksgiving recipes?
Let's take for example that for Thanksgiving, you don't have to cook a turkey at all. Some people have ham. And, you my dear friend are going to cook a honey-baked hamster this holiday season. Put a little crap apple in the little rodent's mouth and bake for 1 hour at 350-degrees. Be sure to have lots of side dishes at this, by itself, won't be very filling (or delicious).

And, how about that Aussie treat, kangaroo on a spit? This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes and the kids just love fighting over the tail. Fill the pouch with stuffing and bake for 7 days at 350-degrees.

Porky Pine kebobs can also serve as a wonder Thanksgiving recipe. Put your favorite vegetables on the quills and put on the grill for 20 minutes. Armadillo on the half shell is also another alternative Thanksgiving recipe that is sure the delight the crowd. Put a couple of skewers in the little feller's clenched claws and serve half-baked.

The last of these alternative Thanksgiving recipes that I'd like to mention is salmon ala mode. What's a better desert than the combination of Coho and ice cream? Bake, grill or panfry the salmon and serve will generous helping of ice cream on top. Marvelous!











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