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Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving prayer that is appropriate and from the heart can bring home the spirit of this autumn holiday. Knowing a good Thanksgiving prayer or poem and speaking it during Thanksgiving dinner will fill everyone with warmth, good feelings and love.


But, why is it your job to provide this? Being the rebellious malcontent that you are, you may wish to speak a Thanksgiving prayer or Thanksgiving poem that is irreverent, irrelevant and downright inappropriate. That's why we've created this page, so we can help you out with this endeavor.

Anyone can look up a sentimental Thanksgiving prayer online and speak it as if they we Maya Angelou. But, few would be brave enough, to speak a Thanksgiving prayer or poem that was a complete non sequitur.

On this page, we have a few Thanksgiving prayers and poems that few would be brave enough to speak at the dinner table. But, if you're a fan of the ultimate Thanksgiving prayer and have a high enough blood-alcohol level, you may wish to give it a try.

Higher Priorities

Oh, dear Higher Power,
Won't you make the roses flower?
Thank you for the food today,
Now, let's go check
My bids on eBay.

Blessed Are We

Blessed are we for family
And food.
Let us not be rude and
Eat this good food.
If we be rude and
Cop a 'tude.
Then please don't send
Us any more food.

Uncle Dave

Thank you for the bounties
We crave.
For children and parents and
Uncle Dave.
For grandparents and nieces and
Nephews too.
Well, not really Uncle Dave
'Cause he eats all the food.

If you have an original funny Thanksgiving prayer or Thanksgiving poem that will fit in here, please send it in. I'm always on the lookout for a good original Thanksgiving prayer or poem that will probably never be said in proper company at the dinner table.











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