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Thanksgiving Invitations

Thanksgiving invitations need to be sent out several weeks ahead of time or more to give guests time to make plans for attending. Thanksgiving invitations alert your invitees that they may to start planning ahead such as making airplane and hotel reservations if needed.


When sending out Thanksgiving invitations make sure you spell out the date as some people will be clueless along with the fact that its on a Thursday again. The Thanksgiving invitations don't have to be anything fancy.

In fact, the more Bohemian you can make the Thanksgiving invitations, the better. Perhaps you would like to send out your Thanksgiving invitations written on maple and oak leaves, then do it. Another great idea for top quality Thanksgiving invitations is to write them on the side of a turkey and send your prospective guests the whole bird.

Tree bark is another media on which to write the perfect Thanksgiving invitation. Most people don't know that you can put a stamp and an address on just about anything and the post office will deliver it.
Put an address and a few stamps on your favorite Thanksgiving rock and the post office will deliver it. Another way to deliver Thanksgiving invitations with impressive speed over long distances is to hold a séance. Conjure up a ghost of pilgrims past and let the spirit deliver the Thanksgiving invitations for you. You, know, ghostmail.

Another creative way to deliver top notch Thanksgiving invitations is to hire someone to deliver a singing telegram for you. Have this person dress up as a pilgrim or Indian and send them to all your family and friends. Singing Thanksgiving invitations will not be easily forgotten.

Some people like to send Thanksgiving invitations electronically through the Internet. This is a fine idea, but make sure that you attach an animated singing turkey to the email to squawk out just the words you'd like to say.

No matter how you choose to send out your Thanksgiving invitations and in what format, the important thing is to do it early, do it often and become a nuisance to your family and friends until they tell you to stop. Isn't this what the holidays is all about - overdoing it?











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