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Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving ideas are important this autumn holiday season. Without many different and unique Thanksgiving ideas you'll whole holiday may just run amuck. There are literally thousands of Thanksgiving ideas that will make Turkey Day a special day indeed.


The important part is to filter through all of the Thanksgiving ideas and find the ones that work for you. For instance, one idea for Thanksgiving this year is to have all of the guests actually wear a turkey upon their heads while sitting at the dinner table. The guests will be entertained and it will make for great pictures.

Another Thanksgiving idea is to have all of your guests come as pilgrims. After the big Thanksgiving dinner, then head on over to the nearest Indian Gaming Casino and pay the Native Americans back for hundreds of years of genocide. After your conscience is clear, then head back home for pie and ice cream.

Many Thanksgiving ideas center around just how to cook the turkey. Fry it, bake it, or dunk it in a bit vat of burning oil. We recommend flamethrower to cook you turkey this year. The Army Surplus Store or Jane's Catalog will probably have what you need. Cooking a turkey via flamethrower creates quite a spectacle so you may invite your other neighbors over to view the demonstration.

Another of the many Thanksgiving ideas open to many is "Basting Uncle Bob". If you have a portly relative who likes to check out early by drinking to much alcoholic beverage, why not baste him with hot butter? This will make for great photos and you can post them on the Web.

Another favorite Thanksgiving idea for kids is bobbing for gizzards. Fill a large bucket full of water. Put in some apples, oranges and gizzards (and other turkey parts) and let the kids bob for them. It's fun for the whole family!

The last but not least of the Thanksgiving ideas on this page involve leaving up the Halloween decorations and having a ghost and goblin Thanksgiving party. This way you can save all the orange decorations from Halloween and pumpkins, too and recycle them for use on Thanksgiving. Waste not want not. This is one of the best Thanksgiving ideas for the budget-minded.











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