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Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of giving thanks and being with family and friends. If you have no family and friends and nothing to be thankful for, then you can still celebrate in a cynical, disheartened and jaded way.


In fact, those who have family, friend and something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday need to be taken down a notch since they have it all.

Why do these people get all the happiness while others go without? Of course, you may wish to adopt the live-and-let live philosophy and let those who are happy be happy. Let those who are sad, be sad. And, let those who are wretched, be wretched.

Then, again you may wish to be an overbearing control freak who tries to impose and enforce your values onto everyone else. This is a much more fun way to go this Thanksgiving holiday. If fact, for this Thanksgiving holiday, why not require laughter at all your jokes. If someone does not laugh at one of your Thanksgiving jokes, then bully them into doing so.
If someone this Thanksgiving holiday does not agree with you political or religious point of view, then bully them, browbeat them, attack them both psychologically and emotionally until they give in to your way of thinking. Win at all costs is the way to peaceful relationships and what better time to practice this that during the Thanksgiving holiday season?

Remember, that the Thanksgiving holiday is not really about getting together with family, friends and other loved ones, eating good food and being thankful for who we are and what we have. What a ridiculous concept! No, the Thanksgiving holiday is for winning. If you play flag football in the backyard you must win.

If you have a debate over what color the repaint the house, you must win. If you play Stratego or Battle Ship, you must win. Losing is no fun. Winning is everything. You don't want to be seen as a loser in front of the whole family do you? No? Well, then win you must.

This Thanksgiving holiday you must strategize before you get to the party. Your pie must be the best, kids the best behaved, you must be the smartest and wittiest and most attractive person there. Remember second place gets the leftovers! You want to claim the drumstick. The most important tip this Thanksgiving holiday is to bring a taser gun and if you feel yourself losing at something, use the taser as needed to achieve victory.











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