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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is the centerpiece for any Turkey Day celebration. Family and friends are gathered around to chat, reminisce and enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner while giving thanks for the spoils that life has offered.


Thanksgiving dinner is typically a time for peace, harmony, joy and feeling of warmth and goodwill toward those you love. Or, it can be a dysfunctional, raging, traumatic, hellacious moment that no one will ever forget. These types of Thanksgiving dinners are the most entertaining, so let's talk more about these here.

While some Thanksgiving dinners are fraught with peace, love and understanding most are not. Family conflicts, skeletons and unspoken grudges seem to come out during more than one Thanksgiving dinner across America.

In the corner, may be Uncle Fred touching himself or Aunt Lacey getting plastered and over-kissing all the kids. Sibling jealousy, mom likes you best, you never gave me a pony talk all seems to come out before, during or after Thanksgiving dinner.
What is supposed to be a happy time of giving thanks and enjoying the harmony of one another, will mean an expedited trip to the therapist's office shortly thereafter. Besides the internal emotional conflicts going on there may also be a football game on TV and too much alcohol being imbibed in the backroom.

Nothing loosens inhibitions and brings out family drama like a little too much alcohol. But, then again, what would Thanksgiving dinner be without a little fine Mogan David or Ernest & Julio Gallo wine at the table? Everyone knows that the finest wines come from either a box or a big jug.

No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without first hopping the kids up on sugar, letting them run around like wild Indians and then expecting them to sit quietly at the table and act civilized during this autumn celebration. Yes, Thanksgiving dinner is a time for the kids to fight over the turkey leg, wishbone and mashed potatoes and is good training for many years of Thanksgiving dinners yet to come where they will continue to fail to get their needs met in any significant way and pass on the family drama and trauma to their own kids.

Then again some people have gotten smart and for Thanksgiving dinner they eat out.











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