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Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving decorations give any décor a needed touch to achieve the Turkey Day look one desires. In fact, having the appropriate Thanksgiving decorations may make or break any Thanksgiving meal, so be careful to choose wisely.


For instance, you could use Thanksgiving decorations such as a turkey made from the handprint of your child, or a few small squashes or even a few candles shaped like pilgrims. But, why would you want to?

Instead, you can be more creative and give your household festival the look and feel of the days when the pilgrims sat down with the Native Americans and feasted on wild game and organic vegetables. One of the Thanksgiving decorations you may wish to employ is the hat.

Make all of your guests for Turkey Day wear authentic pilgrim hats and hand them out at the door. Of course another idea for Thanksgiving decorations is to break it down by gender and give the males pilgrim hats and the female Indian headbands to wear.
Another way to use Thanksgiving decorations to make your meal more authentic is to use live animals and slaughter them in the backyard before the feast. From a nearby farm buy a turkey, goose and deer and put the men to work, drinking alcoholic beverages and slaying the wild beasts as men did in days of yore.

The women on the other hand will have to clean and prepare the wild game so alcoholic beverages may be required for this task as well. For those who hold their feasts outdoors, another Thanksgiving decoration that can be used to make the celebration more authentic is snow, real snow.

Putting whole stalks of corn or maize in the living room is another Thanksgiving decoration that will go over big. Other Thanksgiving decorations that may go over well with the guests include putting Puritanical verse upon the napkins, filling the sidewalk with squash and pumpkins and bringing an authentic Native American to dinner in full costume. You may even wish to rub it in about how the Pilgrim population prospered while the Native Americans declined. No social faux paux here!











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