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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebration in both the United States and Canada. The U. S. celebrates Thanksgiving Day because of the rich bounty and natural resources that makes this country great.


Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day because of the massive amounts of light sweet crude oil they ship us and get rich from as one of our two major oil trading partners.

Thanksgiving Day is a day for celebration, taking stock on what bounties the year has held and what one is thankful for, if anything. Thanksgiving Day is a time to remind the kids once again that there are starving kids in India and that they need to be thankful for what they have.

Besides the big Thanksgiving dinner that many partake there is also the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to watch and a professional football game as well. In the parade this year will be a float called the Hindenburg, which will explode on cue and stick to some of the parade-goers like napalm. The Hindenburg float is the brainchild of the oil companies who plan to thwart the development of a hydrogen economy any time soon.
On Thanksgiving Day, there is typically a professional football game, where in year's past viewers have put a buzz on and watched Barry Sanders run for the record books within a sad and pathetic team that would never make the playoffs. Since Sanders has retired, viewers can still watch a sad and pathetic team that will never make the playoffs. Since Fox has taken over both news and sports, there will be two Thanksgiving Day football games this year.

As part of this autumn celebration, there are many Thanksgiving activities to engage in as well as Thanksgiving jokes to tell. Some of the Thanksgiving Day jokes will involve such subjects as adult diapers, which several guests may be wearing, erectile dysfunction medication, which several guests may be taking and ironically, Scrabble.

Thanksgiving Day is different for every household, but it is mainly about getting together with family, friends and loved ones and telling them how they've disappointed you over the past year. It's also about giving thanks for all you have and making fun of those who have not. Remember to enjoy Thanksgiving Day to the fullest and to live the rest of your life to the dullest.











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