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Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts can be made cheaply and engagingly for the whole family to enjoy. If you like spending time with your kids, or alone with yourself in a dark cellar, Thanksgiving crafts can help you pass the time until the wretched holiday season is over before you know it.


There are many Thanksgiving crafts that only require some simple household items and perhaps a trip to the office supply store.

Many Thanksgiving crafts can be made with construction paper, glue, scissors, string, bubble gum, baling wire and instruction from a few old MacGyver TV show reruns. These are the kinds of crafts I'd like to talk about here.

For instance, one Thanksgiving craft item that is fun to make and display is a turkey made out of baling wire. All that is required is some baling wire, wire cutters and a modicum of artistic talent. Before you know it, you have a wireframe turkey on the table.

Another of the many Thanksgiving crafts that you may want to attempt since you have so much time this holiday season is the very special cornucopia made from toxic waste. First, you'll need to find the closest Superfund site, which won't be that difficult since there are so many. Next, you'll want to don your best HAZMAT suit and collect a couple of buckets of the best waste the site has to offer. Taking off the suit, form the waste into a cornucopia, turn off the lights and watch it glow. Fun for the whole family!

Yet another one of the many Thanksgiving crafts that many people overlook is creating a real life pilgrim to adorn the living room. What's required for this task is a university laboratory, some DNA from a direct descendant from a pilgrim and a little cloning technology knowledge. Who cares if cloning violates federal laws and ethical mores? In order to create the perfect Thanksgiving craft, you may have to violate a few minor rules along the way.

The final Thanksgiving craft that one may consider making this holiday season is a recreation (life-size) of the Mayflower made out of endangered trees and other plants. Search the forest for rare, exotic and endangered botanical species and in the backyard, create a huge ship that all the neighbors will adore. Dress your dogs and cats as pilgrims and let them live in the vessel. Then on Thanksgiving let the whole neighborhood conduct a "pirate attack" on the ship and burn it to the ground. This is the kind of Thanksgiving craft that will be talked about for years!











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