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Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving cards are not essential, but they are a nice touch to stay in touch this Holiday season. Most Thanksgiving cards feature a me-to-you message such as "me like you" or "me like you - let's eat."


Other Thanksgiving cards will feature a talking turkey with a big smile on his face like he is somehow going to enjoy being killed and eaten. If you knew you were going to be killed and eaten would you do a big song and dance and walk around with big smile on your face, and recite snappy little witticisms?

I don't think so. But these Thanksgiving cards seem to be popular as is denial itself.

Thanksgiving cards are usually orange, sent in orange envelops as if those left over from Halloween with the Halloween colors are somehow not going to go to waste and be used up by the Turkey Day holiday. Why else would we have two holidays with the same colors, back to back?

Many Thanksgiving cards also feature pilgrims, big feasts and family gatherings. There is nothing wrong with these themes for Thanksgiving cards, but there need to be a few new ones with which to stock the shelves.
For instance, how about a line of vegetarian Thanksgiving cards that feature Tofurkeys, Tofams and other tofu dishes on the cards? Instead of the Beaver Clever family Thanksgiving card, why not the dysfunctional family card with relatives fresh out of rehab, prison or Thailand gender reassignment surgery?

What's wrong with a whole line of Thanksgiving cards for anorexics or bulimics saying "Eat something for God's sake!" And, how about a Thanksgiving card for your happy alcoholic Uncle Fred that says "Wish you were beer"?

There are many other types of Thanksgiving cards that one can give to family, friends and relatives. Some are funny, others sappy and still others quite corny. The point is that if you find a good, offensive Thanksgiving card, then sent it. Hey, it's the holidays, a time to bring personal entertainment to new heights.











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