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Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving activities help family, friends and other loved ones enjoy this autumn holiday all the more. With a few select Thanksgiving activities in mind, you're able to transform a typical humdrum gathering into one that is filled with excitement and joy.


For instance, how about creating an authentic holiday feast just like the pilgrims had? Everyone will dress either as pilgrims or Indians, though the Indians at the table will need to wear some bright red pock marks.

These marks will symbolize the chicken pox and smallpox the Europeans bestowed upon the Native Americans that wiped out 80-percent of their tribes. Thank goodness there were no reports of turkey pox at the time.

Another favorite among Thanksgiving activities is "Chase the Indian with the Musket" that is not only played by children but adults as well. This game symbolizes how after the First Thanksgiving that Europeans would forever thank their red brothers by taking their land, killing them, the pushing the remainders out west and finally into Indian Casinos and Gaming.

Of course Indian Casinos and Gaming is one way for Native Americans to gain reparations from the Caucasians without any formal admission of national guilt or need for recompense or remuneration in any way. Another Thanksgiving activity is called "Enslave the Indian" where all those dressed like Indians have to do all the cooking and cleaning for the day, while the fat and happy pilgrims belch and watch football on TV. After cooking and cleaning all day, the Indians are finally allowed to eat the scraps.

Still another of the many Thanksgiving activities that are available this autumn holiday season is "Turkey Tossing". For this activity, you'll need to buy a live turkey or two. Similar to "dwarf tossing" in Australia, turkey tossing involves swinging a turkey around by the neck and seeing how far one can toss that turkey. Distance is measured and the one who wins the toss, gets one of the drumsticks.

Another of the voluminous Thanksgiving activities that one can partake of during Turkey Day is "Turkey Football". Just substitute the turkey for any official NFL football and play a game in the backyard. The turkey football ads and element of surprise and the turkey may flap, kick and even peck while being thrown and carried. Turkeys can also glide for a short distance, so throwing the "bomb" to an open receiver may carry farther than anyone thinks.

These are just a few of the many Thanksgiving activities that are available to all who day. Be created. Think outside the box. Coming up with your own bizarre Thanksgiving activities are the best reward you can give your guests.











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