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Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 looks a lot like my review for 2010. So just hit the rewind button and here it is all over again. Thanksgiving 2011 features more foreclosures, job losses, unemployment for new graduates, gridlock in Congress and fun stuff like that.

Thanksgiving in perspective

But, for the rest of 2011, let's keep an eye on Occupy Wall Street. Oh, yeah, there's a cause with teeth. In fact my stomach may become too full with Occupy Wall Street news this year and I'll have to unloosen my top belt buckle and take a nap due to tryptophan being emitted from my big flat screen TV.

As an early year in review, let's also talk about the two evil people in the world who were gunned down this year including Osama Bin Laden and Moammar Gadhafi. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

No, semi-seriously though, this Thanksgiving 2011 we have a lot to be thankful for. And for instance, Lindsay Lohan has defied multiple court orders and sent to rehab multiple times. Perhaps now she'll get the help she needs at the new Brittany Spears Treatment Clinic.

Amy Winehouse and Steven Jobs are in their premature but final resting places. RIP. Not a good thing, but a reality check here. Hmnn, let's talk about some of the good things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season so that you can say a really outstanding prayer at the table.

How about thank you for the Apple iPhone 4S? How about a little thanks to the Big Guy in the Sky that Conan O'Brien found a home on TBS? Oh, no I guess that was so 2010. How about a round of applause that Michael Jackson died peacefully in his sleep? Well, not that he died. But, that he died in a non-violent manner. And, his doctor was convicted.. I guess that's nothing to clap about, so just forget this one. Let's move on.

Captain Sully saved that airplane on the Hudson River. Oh, no that was two years ago in 2009. So, I'm now Googling top news stories of 2011 and am not having much luck.

What good did happen this year to be thankful for? The Royal Wedding of Prince William with Miss Catherine Middleton. Yes, the Royal Wedding. This is one good, positive thing that happened this year.

In difficult times like these it is important to look to other countries for our good news, especially one like Great Britain that doesn't even celebrate Thanksgiving.

How about Indian gaming? Is this making a comeback? That would be a good reason the celebrate Thanksgiving in 2011. It's good to know that maybe we've been giving a little back since taking a lot from them a long time ago.

Well, anyway, I guess you'll have to find your own personal meaning in Thanksgiving this year, as in every year. You see Thanksgiving is not really about the big things in life. It's about the small things we are all thankful for like family and friends. And perhaps dogs eating peanut butter. But, I digress.

Thanksgiving is about taking note of the happy moments in our life and the people and animals, vegetables and minerals in these moments and giving thanks. Now, let's nod our heads and pray.














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