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Thanksgiving 2008

Since I like to plan ahead, I made these Thanksgiving 2008 predictions a year ago in 2007. Let's see how I compare to other great prognosticators like Carnac the Magnificent or Punxsutawney Phil.


So, here goes some Thanksgiving 2008 predictions that are sure to come true. Now, that Al Gore has won an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize, on the day of Thanksgiving 2008, Al Gore will also win both the Super Lotto and the Publishers Clearing House lottery as well.

By Thanksgiving 2008, the housing market will have bottomed out only to find a new lower bottom as even more people default on their loans and have to eat their turkey dinners on the curb outside of the overfilled homeless shelter.

On the exact day of Thanksgiving 2008, Britney Spears will become sober along with ex-husband Kevin, and friends Paris, Nicole, Lindsay and Kiefer. By Thanksgiving 2008, Oprah will have won the national Presidential election by write-in vote and she will already have eloped with Barack Obama to the Caribbean in Anna Nicole's old house.
By Thanksgiving 2008, the 10th commercial space tourist will fly into suborbital space and take a couple of laps around the Earth. Also on Thanksgiving 2008 the Iraq War will still be raging and the White House will be saying that we need to give the plan some more time to work.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving 2008, turkeys will be put on the Federal Endangered Species List and people will be eating Tofurkey with grimaces upon their pusses. After Thanksgiving 2008 alternative fuel vehicles will be hot and cool to drive at the same time, particularly biofuel cars.

Thanksgiving 2008 will also deliver a few more surprises, such as a new baby adopted by the Olsen twins, a new dog for Ellen Degeneres and Mel Gibson will have converted to Judaism. A couple more surprises for Thanksgiving 2008 includes the pope denounces canine contraception and Al Gore will be declared King of North America.

That's all for now as the Thanksgiving 2008 crystal ball is getting a bit fuzzy now. Stay tuned for more prediction, predilections and downright nonsense.











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