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Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 is almost, but already we can tell you this - it is on a Thursday this year. Because Thanksgiving 2007 is on a Thursday, this means that the following day will be the busiest shopping day of the year. Like my predictions so far?


As I hold the crystal ball, I also see that Thanksgiving 2007 will be a time to be thankful for the Iraq War, which hasn't ended, more celebrities in rehab and a few shocking news events that will bring unknowns into the limelight. For Thanksgiving 2007 we will count our blessings, which will include higher taxes, high gasoline prices and a further decline in the housing market.

In 2007, Thanksgiving will be unseasonably hot due to global warming. Kim Jong Il will have conducted another nuclear experiment by Thanksgiving 2007 and Iran will be in a showdown with the U. S. over weapons inspections.

For Thanksgiving 2007 there will be a new strain of bird flu, dog flu, swine flu and kung flu that will wipe out several South Pacific Islands and Equador. By Thanksgiving 2007 the earth will have stopped rotating on its axis late one night and we'll all be bombarded with ultraviolet rays and oddly enough manta rays as well.
On Thanksgiving 2007, Armageddon will be well on its way, there will be several major typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and people will be tired of giving to the Red Cross. No, wait, that was in 2006.

The good news is that some of the positive happenings that we will be thankful for and acknowledge in our Thanksgiving 2007 dinner prayers is that for one thing cows will have learned to milk themselves, Dan Rather will be back on the air taking a run at Bush but this time with falsified videotape and people will have tired of clubbing baby seals for sport and will have turned to sea otters instead.

The last bit of news regarding Thanksgiving 2007 is that Oprah and Barak Obama will have announced that they are running as Co-Presidents of the United States, teachers will now be the culprits in many school shootings and a new government study will announce that donuts are actually health food. So, if you missed Thanksgiving 2006 or were passed out or in some other stupor, you'll have loads to look forward to in the next year.











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