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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all you pilgrims and Indians! And, in order to have a happy Thanksgiving for yourself and your loved ones you'll want to learn a few tips that will make this autumn holiday the best ever.


In order to have a happy Thanksgiving it's important to remember not to drink and carve at the same time. Too many carving accidents happen every year because the one with the knife has been over-imbibing.

Another tip for a happy Thanksgiving is to wear a pair of pants at least one size too big to make room for all that turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes. There's nothing more uncomfortable that tight fitting clothes on Turkey Day.

And, yet another tip for ensuring a happy Thanksgiving involves playing "Pin the Tail on the Hostess". Whether its Mom, Grandma or whomever is doing the cooking in the kitchen, she'll just love a little pin or thumbtack in her behind as she scrambling to get out the family meal.

For a happy Thanksgiving that no one will forget hire Indian maidens to come to your home and do a little pole dancing. This is one sure way to get the guys out from in front of the football game!

And if you want a happy Thanksgiving to end all happy Thanksgivings, then have no misgivings that a mashed potato fight at the Thanksgiving dinner table is just the way to do this. Hey, it only happens once a year, and you'll be forgiven by the time next year rolls around, so why not start a food fight this holiday season?

And, the last way to experience a happy Thanksgiving is to sit back, hog the remote, belch, fart and loosen the top button on your pants and fall asleep watching the football game. Is there any better way to experience a happy Thanksgiving than this? I think not.











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